Our Process

Today, over twenty years after formation, we consider Point CNC Limited to be one of the leading sub-contract precision engineering companies in the south-east of England in the small to medium sector.


Receive RFQ


Send customer quotation


Order – confirm receipt

Process – procure




Sub contract process where required including: Heat treatment, Electro-plating, Hard and Sulphuric anodising, SurTec, Paint wet or powder, Screen printing

All processes to Def-Stan



FAIR full dimensional if required

C of C

Pack – Bespoke when required

Despatch courier or Point transport


COSHH and risk assessments are carried out with annual reviews. We have an Oil Mist Filtration system installed to remove oil mist and airborne contaminants. Coolant is monitored to prevent bacteria and tramp oil removed on a continuous basis. Waste, oil and used coolant is removed by licensed contractors.


Our most valuable asset, our Staff, are provided with appropriate personal protection equipment and neat corporate workwear.

The premises are modern and clean and there is adequate dedicated parking.


For our clients’ peace of mind, the security of contracts in process is guarded against business interruption by an ADT Redcare alarm system and passive fire safety equipment. All manufacturing data, as well as accounting information, is regularly backed up and additionally archived off-site.


We have established protocols to ensure that the workplace provides a comfortable and safe place for staff, customers and suppliers alike.

We maintain our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality approval and are proud of our skills, our standards and our reputation.

We welcome your enquiries or initial discussions and can accept drawings in most digital formats.